About Us

We, Souparnika Wellness opens a path towards a healthy life through Ayurveda. Enhance your body and mind. Celebrate life and wellness.

Souparnika Ayurveda founded in Kerala, India in 2016, with a vision of enhancing the beauty and wellness of the world. Souparnika Ayurveda is inspired by this ancient discipline of healing with nature and we have developed various selection of Ayurvedic therapies contributing to the preservation of effective wellness.

Our fundamental principle is to provide uncontaminated, unadulterated herbal products and treatment to our customers. Our in depth knowledge in the ingredients of Ayurvedic herbal remedies and therapies, ensures that our client receive the best in class service.

Souparnika Wellness is not complete with our happy customers and that’s the reason customer are not a different entity but a part of Souparnika Wellness Familiy.